amnesia haze seeds

Many believe that when you consume cannabis, it will make your system less acidic and therefore will aid in the elimination of stomach acid. This is referred to as “Cannabis Kombucha” and there are two different ways to prepare this drink. The first way is simply to add water into a pot full of honey.… Continue reading amnesia haze seeds

growing cannabis outdoors uk

Recent news articles have brought to light the fact that some countries are considering cannabis reform, which could see cannabis use legalized across the world. Some governments, such as the United States, have taken a hands-off approach to marijuana, while others have cracked down severely, putting people in jail for simple cannabis possession. However, what… Continue reading growing cannabis outdoors uk

northern lights weed seeds

One of the largest trends in marijuana paraphernalia over the past five years has been made up of cooking accessories. Smoking marijuana from marijuana pipes and marijuana brownies became a billion dollar industry, to the point where it is now illegal in many states. This means that cooking with marijuana is not only becoming more… Continue reading northern lights weed seeds

high cbd cannabis strains

Cannabinoids or commonly known as marijuana, are a type of natural drug that has gained much popularity and is the most commonly used drug in America for recreational use. Its medical term is Ephedra Ephedrine. This drug has been used by millions of people world-wide for various ailments including relieving nausea, anxiety, and pain. Even… Continue reading high cbd cannabis strains