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Recently I came across an interesting piece of news. Reddit users have been debating whether or not the use of cannabis is bad or good. In a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session that was held several weeks ago, three gentlemen from Canada, one of them a rapper, spoke out on the issue. They answered questions ranging from the benefits of cannabis to its illegal status. At the end of their two-hour discussion, they were ready to take a stand.

“I’d say the worst thing about marijuana, is the feeling that comes before you smoke it. Before you feel the dank smoke and only think about smoking another one, you are full of toxins. You know your body is going through something terrible, but you don’t know how to prepare yourself. You are a sick man. When someone says you’re a redhead, that means you’re full of anxiety, fear, and have a weak immune system.”

While there is no consensus amongst the three gentlemen as to the best way to handle marijuana, the one man who seems to have his mind made up agrees with them wholeheartedly. “I don’t smoke anymore,” said Reddit user “Bored Panda”. “You can still get high… a lot of people do, but they deal with that more accordingly. I don’t wish to do any more harm to myself or others.”

The guy who ranted on Reddit about the positives of marijuana, believes that using weed will help him deal with his issues in his personal life. “There’s a difference between using something like marijuana and becoming addicted to it. Smoking marijuana doesn’t make me want to kill people, it just makes me want to smoke a little bit less.” He admitted though that he would still sell pot should the legal issue ever change.

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Another user who goes by the name “jedi knight” states that he does not use weed because it makes him lazy. Instead he feels that using weed gives him a “high” that is a mixture of marijuana, alcohol and nicotine. He argues that this type of high is much more dangerous than a cigarette because there is a time frame wherein the drug user becomes addicted. He went so far as to say that after using weed for over a year, the person will become used to using it and without control. The user then decides to use even more marijuana which only increases the addiction.

One of the most popular comments on the thread states that there should be a ban on the use of marijuana on Reddit because it has been proven that it can cause problems such as psychosis, schizophrenia and hallucinations. The user also states that he wishes that marijuana be made illegal because of all the problems it causes society. This is only one side of the story and there are many more to be learned at Reddit dot com.