A New Study Shows That Marijuana Users Are Happier and More Successful in Life

A new study shows that marijuana users are happier and more successful in life. The researchers analyzed 2,000 interviews conducted by 150 cannabis users in California and Colorado. They found that the subjects were more satisfied and happy with their lives than non-users. Moreover, these people were happier and more successful in their jobs and… Continue reading A New Study Shows That Marijuana Users Are Happier and More Successful in Life

More Drivers in Fatal Crash Accidents Are Testing Positive For Marijuana

Tests are showing that more drivers involved in fatal crashes are using marijuana. The level of THC in a driver’s blood is now higher than the legal limit. In Colorado, the average driver tests positive for five nanograms of marijuana. That’s twice as much as the legal limit. Still, the number of drugged drivers is… Continue reading More Drivers in Fatal Crash Accidents Are Testing Positive For Marijuana

amnesia haze seeds

Many believe that when you consume cannabis, it will make your system less acidic and therefore will aid in the elimination of stomach acid. This is referred to as “Cannabis Kombucha” and there are two different ways to prepare this drink. The first way is simply to add water into a pot full of honey.… Continue reading amnesia haze seeds

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If you’ve never seen marijuana plant images then you may not know what to expect. Even though it may be hard to imagine there are many differences between different varieties. Here are a few things about each type that you should know. How much does potting soil cost? This is important because not every type… Continue reading girl scout cookies seeds

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growing cannabis outdoors uk

Recent news articles have brought to light the fact that some countries are considering cannabis reform, which could see cannabis use legalized across the world. Some governments, such as the United States, have taken a hands-off approach to marijuana, while others have cracked down severely, putting people in jail for simple cannabis possession. However, what… Continue reading growing cannabis outdoors uk

cbd cannabis

The cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in Canada and as a consequence the cannabis events that are held yearly throughout the country have become incredibly important to the Canadian cannabis industry. In fact, there is actually a cannabis expo in Canada every year. It can be difficult to keep up with all the… Continue reading cbd cannabis

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northern lights weed seeds

One of the largest trends in marijuana paraphernalia over the past five years has been made up of cooking accessories. Smoking marijuana from marijuana pipes and marijuana brownies became a billion dollar industry, to the point where it is now illegal in many states. This means that cooking with marijuana is not only becoming more… Continue reading northern lights weed seeds

growing cannabis outdoors uk

It seems like the YouTube generation is everywhere these days, and one of the newest to join the crowd is Marijuana. This may be news to some, but the fact of the matter is that marijuana is becoming accepted as a harmless recreational drug. The Reefer Party, which was famous for smoking marijuana in public,… Continue reading growing cannabis outdoors uk