Cannabis Reform in Spain

As the parliamentary debate over medical cannabis continues, one question still remains – when and how will Spain legalize the drug? The question is becoming increasingly important because thousands of patients in neighboring countries have access to cannabis weed news products. The answer to this is likely to be the middle of the year. This year, a subcommittee will analyze the experience of countries with regulated cannabis for medicinal purposes and gather scientific evidence, threats, and opportunities.

The government’s recent approval of a subcommittee to study the medicinal cannabis market and experience of regulating the drug’s medicinal use has raised hopes that adult use may be back on track. The government’s support for adult use has also sparked speculation that the Spanish government may soon legalize cannabis for recreational use. But despite all this, no real progress has been made on the issue.

The European Cannabis Advocacy Network (ECAN) will hold its first public event on 17 December to discuss cannabis reform in Spain. The event will feature speakers from two countries – Spain and Ireland – each month, and will focus on medical and adult use cannabis reform. In fact, the European Cannabis Advocacy Network has a history of fostering a positive climate in the cannabis community. And while it may seem counterintuitive, the aim of the network is to create a forum for policy makers to discuss cannabis reform in Europe.

Despite these positive developments, a recent poll shows the public’s opposition to legalisation. While two-thirds of the population think that the cannabis laws should be changed, only twenty-five percent of the population supports super lemon haze seeds for sale the idea. In Spain, there has been an incredible shift in public opinion in the past five years. Despite the negative impacts of legalization, the government is unlikely to do much without the support of the public.