Colombian Cannabis Firm Signs Deal to Bring CBD Skincare Line to Spain

A Colombian cannabis firm has signed a deal to bring a CBD skincare line to Spain. The firm is based in the country and operates premium cannabis growing facilities. It has been approved by the Colombian government to export non-psychoactive CBD products, as well as up to 43,600 kg of high-THC cannabis. In the case of the skincare line, the company will use the extracted CBD from the plant to make facial and body masks, as well as body lotions.

Khiron Life Sciences, a vertically integrated health firm with core operations in Colombia, will distribute the brand in the Spanish market through Red Yellow Red. The company is targeting travel retail as one of its key channels for international distribution. The company will have a manufacturing facility in Spain and a distribution facility in the US. This move will help Khiron’s product reach a wider market in Europe and will help it tap into a growing market for the company’s CBD skincare line.

The company’s portfolio of nine cannabis-based topicals includes brands like Buds Pure Naturals, a natural health company that produces feminized seeds for veterans, and Equilibrium Bio, a cbd hemp seeds lifestyle brand aimed at athletes. The company’s founders, Andres Fajardo and Kyle Detwiler, are Colombians who were motivated to make cannabis products accessible to the general public.

As of June 2017, the government has approved the cultivation of cannabis in Zambia for medicinal use and export. A severe drought affected the country for the past several years, and it aims to help its citizens recover through cannabis products. It’s marijuana also important to note that the firm must acquire licenses from the Ministry of Health and the Medicines Regulatory Authority to begin selling products in the country. In the meantime, the Colombian cannabis industry is growing in the US and Europe.