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Is this the end of cannabis yellow tips? This morning I was looking at pictures on my computer and saw several pictures that I’m not familiar with. They’re from a site that is calling themselves a marijuana blog. However, when you click on that link it takes you to another page in that site. It’s not the pot you’re looking for.

There are other articles on that site that talk about using weed instead of tobacco. They talk about the harmful side effects from marijuana use and how there are ways to quit using it. There’s even an e-book available. I’m sure more information will be found as it becomes more widely publicized. The truth is, until more studies are done we don’t know everything about marijuana.

It’s a bit of a controversial plant. Many people think it’s harmless. Others think it’s bad, no matter what the facts. Whether it’s addictive or not, I can tell you that weed definitely isn’t something I want around me. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences in that regard.

Recently, I went to Starbucks and they asked if I wanted a marijuana puff. Of course I did, not long after that I got a really weird look from the girl who handed me the cup. She told me, “Some people don’t like it”. Apparently her office has a strict policy about smoking in the office.

If they see someone with a cigarette in their hand they will not give them a second glance. Even, with that said, I don’t think I’m going to start lighting up a joint just yet. It’s a process. The first time I smoked weed was probably five years ago, which means my body has had a little time to get used to it. Smoking a joint is different than drinking a coffee, or even a soda. When you smoke weed, it fills your body with a special kind of chemical that is unlike anything else.

It literally feels alive. Smoking weed is an exercise in patience and determination. Don’t expect to become a super stoned mess on the first outing; just take baby steps and soon you will be ready to party all night.

When shopping for cannabis strain you should consider your personality and what kind of mood you are trying to get out of. This is very important. Some strains are very uplifting and can put you in a creative state, and other strains are more moody. If you are a happy go lucky type, you might want to go with a medicinal type strain such as Lemon Grass or Purple Kush.
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If you are looking for the best marijuana strain to fit your personality, I would suggest trying Lemon Grass. This particular strain is one of the newer choices when it comes to medical cannabis yellow tips, and it is well liked by many people. Lemon Grass is most commonly known for being an uplifting, medicinal strain. Some of the other new strains on the market include French Press and White Flower. All three strains are good choices for anyone who is considering trying cannabis.