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It seems like the YouTube generation is everywhere these days, and one of the newest to join the crowd is Marijuana. This may be news to some, but the fact of the matter is that marijuana is becoming accepted as a harmless recreational drug. The Reefer Party, which was famous for smoking marijuana in public, had its heyday decades ago, and many other nations have legal weed. So, why are YouTube videos on marijuana showing up now? Why aren’t people just starting to grow their own herbs? Why are they putting so much information on the internet about this trendy drug?

The truth is, marijuana is not very well-known among younger generations, and the vast majority of younger Americans have never even tried it. But marijuana is becoming more widely used by teens every year, and we’re not just talking about the college students. Around 90% of high school students have smoked pot at least once in their lives. This means that YouTube is actually helping marijuana users to advertise their wares! Many teenagers have actually discovered how to make money by growing and marketing cannabis. If teens can do it, then so can adult marijuana users.

You can find a bunch of cannabis videos on YouTube all over. It’s as easy as typing “marihuana” into Google, or “weed” if you’re from Canada. You’ll find dozens of links to videos and articles on the subject, from growers and manufacturers advertising their wares, to personal stories and testimonials from users. Every time there is a new video, you can see it below. If you don’t have time to scroll through hundreds of pages of endless Weed Videos, you can just bookmark the videos that catch your attention and go directly to them.

The thing about watching marijuana videos on YouTube is that they are usually funny. There are often quite a few clips of people actually enjoying the feel good feeling that comes with smoking weed, and many of the clips are shot in professional, amateur environments. Because of this, they’re not real images depicting the dangers of marijuana, but more as whimsical shows that are meant to be amusing.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some real gems to be found when you’re searching for marijuana YouTube videos. The videos that show off the various symptoms and effects of smoking weed in their entirety, instead of the many videos that just show part of the action are a great place to start. Some are especially hilarious, like one from a man who was arrested after he set a police officer on fire during a drug sting operation. If you don’t have any weed-related videos on your browser, you can actually start one right now, by typing in keywords related to marijuana and watching the results.

But not every video on YouTube is funny. Like most videos on YouTube, some are offensive. You should always make sure to leave the screen alone when watching these, or you could actually wind up doing something you wouldn’t want someone else to see. No one wants to end up being the center of attention for no reason.

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